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Fight Floods the Dam Right Way!

Traditional methods of flood prevention are a thing of the past. With this new system, you are not only saving your beloved home and memories, you save tons of money and time. Don’t let your valuables become yet another statistic. The Dam Right team is here to help end this epidemic.


Come join the Dam Right family today!

We want to help you keep your way of life the same, even in the midst of a flood!


Flood Protection

The average size of a flood in a home is seven inches. Right up to the electrical outlets. The water usually only stays in the home for a few hours at a time.

Quick Set Up

The system can be set up in as little as an hour with one person! Building a sandbag wall the same size and length would take days of backbreaking labor.

Affordable Protection

The closest comparable solution on the market would cost at least $40,000 to the homeowner and still could not compete with our system.

Efficient Protection

The Dam Right system is the most efficient and effective solution available to help save a home from floods up to 22” high.

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