Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work? Dam Right it works!

We have innovated the best solution for an age-old problem. We have thoroughly tested the system and we are confident this can be a life-altering solution for homeowners everywhere.

What is the transfer pump?

The transfer pump with the triangle head works better for shallow water applications such as concrete. The head lays flat on the surface below it and transfers water through the hose and out of the discharge end of the pump. This pump is not automatic. This pump must be turned on and off as needed.

What is the auto pump?

The larger black thermoplastic pump works better for deeper water applications. This pump is automatic. This pump will automatically turn itself on and off based upon the water level it is sitting in. This pump works by pumping water from directly beneath itself.

Where you can find this product?

You can purchase the Dam Right Flood Protection by clicking here!

Can the product can be reused?

Although we do not recommend our product to be reused, it can be reused!


Dam Right does offer a buyback option, where we will buyback our used product and offer you a new unit at a discounted price!

What geographic area do we cover?

All of U.S.A.!

What is the clean and storage process?

Once the flood is over, be sure to run plenty of clean water through the pumps to clean any leftover dirt, mud, or trash out of their systems.


Be sure to let them fully dry before putting them up.

What extra tools are required?

  • Stakes (mandatory)
  • Flat Boards
  • Alternated Power Source
  • Sandbags
  • Shovel
  • Zip Ties
  • Large Hammer
  • Knife

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The Dam Right 600 24” Flood Control Aid System & How Does it Work?
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